A Story of Passion and Evolution: Cycles Lampo Across the Generations

Cycles Lampo, founded by Louis Poleunis in 1938 on Lippenslaan in Knokke, has faced challenging periods due to turbulent economic times. As the commander of the Civil Guard and lieutenant of the secret army in Knokke, he was compelled to close the business during the Second World War. After the war, the activity resumed and was eventually taken over by the second generation. The children transformed the business and the name, giving rise to Cycles Rene Lampo in 1968. Thanks to their immense dedication and determination, the business began to flourish.

In 1978, the building on Lippenslaan was demolished, and the store moved to Zoutelaan 21, where the business developed in line with the changing role of bicycles. From a simple means of transportation, the bicycle transformed into a symbol of relaxation, sport, and health. Models constantly changed, and colors replaced the traditional green. René and Gigi Lampo were the faces of the business for 30 years, practicing their craft with love.

In 1998, a new generation emerged, the third, with Véronique Lampo. With respect for the values she inherited from her grandfather and father, Véronique began her new career. Her father René continued to assist her.

In 2005, the building was demolished again, and after a brief stop in Pierslaan, Cycles Lampo returned to Zoutelaan 21. Bigger, better, and with an entirely new concept. What an evolution!

Meanwhile, the store has been in existence for 85 years. In 2023, the e-bike is more central than ever. European brands such as Trek, Kettler, Stromer, Advanced, and the Zoute Cruiser offer an extensive range of e-bikes. Of course, we also continue to offer city bikes, children’s bikes, and sports bikes on our renovated first floor. A wide range of accessories and excellent customer service complete our offering.

At Cycles Lampo, we strive to be ready for our customers every day with enthusiasm and passion for our profession. Under the leadership of Véronique, a close-knit team welcomes you with a smile. Our store has recently received a new look.

Since 2023, the fourth generation has also been active. Maxime is Véronique Lampo’s nephew and, of course, René Lampo’s grandson. He intends to continue the traditions and learn a lot to contribute optimally to the family business.

Together on the road to 100 years of Cycles Lampo. Your trusted family store for everything related to cycling!