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How does the tax benefit of bike leasing work exactly?

With bike leasing, as an employee, you rent a bike from your employer for a period of three or four years. You pay the monthly rent for your bike with a portion of your gross salary. If you were to simply have that piece of gross salary paid out to you, a number of taxes would be withheld. This means you would end up with a lot less in net. Think of social security contributions, taxes, and employer contributions, … You don’t pay these taxes if you use that piece of gross salary to pay for your bike leasing. This means that this amount from your gross salary can go entirely towards your bike. While otherwise, you would just give it to the government. The net salary you receive is now recalculated based on the reduced gross salary. So you have a bit less in net. But that doesn’t outweigh the bike benefit you get. Reached the end of your ride? At the end of the lease period, you pay a small amount (16% or 20% of the catalog price, more details can be found in the Bike Policy) to take ownership of your bike.

Cyclis: Fiscal Advantage and Carefree Cycling

At Cyclis, you enjoy fiscal benefits when leasing a bicycle through your employer. We take care of everything for you, so you can enjoy cycling with pleasure, both to work and in your leisure time. Our all-inclusive leasing package includes insurance against damage and theft, maintenance budget, roadside assistance, and an additional year of warranty. With personalized service, advanced digitization, and the option of a replacement bike, your cycling enjoyment is always a priority. And as the cherry on top, you receive a nice gift when ordering your dream bike. Bike leasing is not only fiscally advantageous but also offers a wide choice of bicycles and brands through our extensive network of more than 1200 bike shops in Belgium.

o2o: Happy Employees and Sustainable Mobility

At o2o, we aim to provide companies with happy and healthy employees by offering bike leasing. It is not only cost-neutral through the recovery of gross salary and employer contributions but also ensures a three- or four-year commitment from your employees. Cycling not only promotes the well-being of employees but also enhances the image of your company. With o2o, you enjoy complete care, fringe benefits, and sustainable mobility. Our bike plan and efficient communication make it easy for your company to embrace cycling. With o2o, you benefit from a dedicated team that supports you from creating the bike plan to instilling a bike culture within your company.

VDW Lease: Ready for the Future of Mobility

Discover the future of mobility with VDW Lease. We offer a comprehensive range of options to seamlessly integrate bike leasing into your company. With clear communication, easy management, and a passion for sustainable mobility, we make it possible to inspire and motivate your team to embrace cycling. Our online tools simplify the management of bike lease requests, communication, and even payroll. At VDW Lease, we are here to guide you from creating the bike plan to the daily management of bike leasing within your company.

Lease a Bike: Your Employees on Their Dream Bike Within a Day

Our mission is to get all working Europe on their dream bike, thereby contributing to the health and well-being of companies and employees alike. With over 4,300 satisfied partners already, we are proud to contribute to a healthier and happier Europe. We are here to help you get your dream bike, no matter where you come from or where you’re going. We take care of you.

At Cycles Lampo, we believe in the power of cycling and collaborate with Cyclis, o2o, VDW Lease, and Lease a Bike to provide you with the best bike leasing experience. Choose bike leasing and enjoy the many benefits for both employees and employers.