Cycles Lampo evolved along with the bike.

In 1938, Louis Poleunis started his bicycle shop in the Lippenslaan in Knokke. These were difficult years by the strained economy. As commander of the Civil Guard and lieutenant of the secret army in Knokke he was forced to close the case until after WW II. After the war, business was resumed.

After years of experience, the shop was taken over by the second generation. The children changed the company and the name. Cycles Rene Lampo was launched in 1968. The business flourished thanks to a tremendous effort and willpower. In 1977 the building was demolished in the Lippenslaan and moved to the Zoutelaan 21. The company evolved along with the bike. It was no longer just a cheap transport. The nature of cycling was changed for leisure, sport and healthy.

The models followed each other. Lots of colors took the place of the classic green. Since January 1 1998, the third generation started. Under the name Cycles Dale - Lampo we make an honor to continue the tradition of professionalism and quality. Since June 10, 2005, Cycles Lampo was completely renovated and offers a new 600 square meters cycling shop. On the occasion of our 75th anniversary in 2013, we go back to our roots and we're called Cycles Lampo.

It's since 2016 that Veronique Lampo and Vincent Herbots as managers ensure the future of the bike shop. Vincent has over 10 years experience working in the business and will continue to do so in the future. But that's for later... In 2018, Cycles Lampo will exist 80 years. How this will be celebrated, that we'll see...

In 2018 we celebrate our 80 year anniversary!
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